168RC / QS8 Word Clock sync problem
Darin Rouse
 2:32 pm Wednesday January 20, 1999

I have been using my 168RC for the last couple of years and love  it. However I ran across a problem recently that has got me  stumped. I cant find any tech support source for Korg online so I thought this might be a good place to start.  I am trying to slave my Alesis QS-8 to the Word clock on my Korg    168RC.  I am using the Word Clock out on the 168RC and feeding  it to the QS-8 Word Clock in via a BNC cable I picked up at  Radio Shack.

I have set the clock options as follows::
QS-8 - External 48khz
168 RC - Internal

Using this setup I get no sound out of the QS-8.

The QS-8 is connected via lightpipe to the Digital B input of  the 168 RC and is routed to channels 13-16.   When using the QS-  8 as the maser clock and slaving the 168RC to it everything  works fine.

The only thing I can think of that might be causing the problem  is the Radio Shack cable.  However, I checked it with a continuity tester and both the center conductor and shield appear to be good.

Does anyone have a suggestion?   I'm sure the Korg is long since out of warranty so I hope it is not a problem with the  Word Clock output.

Any help or insights would be appreciated.