re: 168RC clock rate
Rich Gorde
4:48 pm Sunday May 9, 1999

Hi Steve!
Hope life has been treating you well, no complaints here.

The site as well as panel requests have slowed down a bit.  In part due to it not showing up on some of the search engines lately.  I went out and stoked the fires a bit so we'll see.  No big deal.. it's still fun.

Well I can only speak with certainty about one example of slaving the Korg's sample rate to 44.1k. With the Sonorus card I use the internal clock of the studi/o card set to 44.1k.  I then set the Korg clock source to one of the ADAT light pipe inputs.  The desk then samples at 44.1k. The    Korg's internal audio path data clock remaining at 48k so nothing changes but the sample rate (both input and output). I believe a friend of mine did the same thing with the studi/o using the wordclock backplate option that is available. I don't own it so can't try.  I'm fairly certain he was having the Korg slave to 44.1k via the wordclock input.  I may be wrong. He's been difficult to reach lately so I don't have a definitive answer.

Try the Motu as master via wordclock, that might work.. easy enough to try.  If not you can always slave the Korg using the  lightpipe for timing.  That positively works.

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