re: 168RC clock rate
Rich Gorde
9:56 am Wednesday May 19, 1999
No experience with ADAT getting clock so I'm zero help there.
But it would seem that all these components have no problem locking to the clock riding the ADAT light pipe.  It might be the most reliable way to get them to work with each other.

re: termination
Thin ethernet cable needs tight impedance match and a terminated load to prevent ringing/reflected waves at LAN frequencies of 10mhz and above.
As far as I know WORDCLOCK out is the buffered master device's sample clock. Termination not necessary at those frequencies but I would use a good cable of modest length.

Keep us posted on using the wordclock via the BNC connectors.  I'm kind of curious as I have read a glowing review of the 2408 this morning.  I may consider it later this year.

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