168rc --&-- Pipeline 8x8 24bit ADAT conver
 Rick Koch
11:09 am Tuesday February 23, 1999

Looks like I'll have some time to get back with my friend the 168rc.

Has anyone who is looking into 24bit audio considered pairing their 168rc up with the Pipeline (by MIDIMAN)? Sound Chaser has   a price of $649 on it.

(scroll about halfway down the page at:) http://www.midiman.net/new.htm

I use a Sonorus StudI/O card which has 2 lightpipes in and 2 out. Since the 168rc has only an 8 channel bus for recording,  I could see putting the Pipeline on the other ADAT bus into the  StudI/O.

Question is, has anyone verified that the 168rc will handle 24 bit data? If I want to use the internal effects of the 168rc will it have any problems with 24 bit data? What would be the best way to hook the Pipeline into a system with the StudI/O -&- 168rc?