re: Controllers set to Zero
Rich Gorde
9:28 am Sunday June 13, 1999

The 'zero controllers' option also plays with the Korg's channel
bus routing as well.
Cakewalk handles this poorly.  It sends these mesages out all
ports.  You will also get the same zeroing effect when you hit the
'Panic' button should your devices 'runaway' on you.  Cake should
have a Port# check box for selective reset and 'zeroing'.

One possible workaround would be to restore your mixer settings
using MIDI 'program change' to _recall_ the Korg's Program memory
for a given session at the start of playback.

I don't have devices that have to be 'zeroed' at the end of
playback so I don't have a problem.  What are you 'zeroing'?

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