Sonorus + adat + 168RC
Steve Courtie
3:21 am Friday November 27, 1998

Firstly, I'm very glad to see Rich is finally getting some feedback for his superb work on the panel. I'd hate to think how  many man-hours were involved Rich ! I know I've thanked you already, but I wanted to 'go public' :-)

On to business, now. I know Rich uses the Sonorus Studi/o with Cakewalk .. I'm planning to buy one, but I also have an adat XT and wondered if anyone has had any experience of how good the 'sample-accurate' synching is?

I've been told that the Korg 1212 is a non-starter as it will only sync properly with a Mac (I have a Pentium 233 with 128Mb RAM and a 9.5ms access time Maxtor Diamond Max hard drive). As far as I've heard so far .. any card running on a PC is   "unlikely" to work reliably - what does everyone else know ?