re: FX crosslinking ----&---- strange feed
Rich Gorde
11:38 am sunday
february 27, 2000


Sounds like you have the Korg 168RC clock set to
EXTERNAL SOURCE to sync either an ADAT light
pipe or wordclock source.  TheFX swap problem occurs
when you have NO clock source for the Korg.
With the computer turned off you are NOT supplying an
external  clock to the Korg.  That is why the problems go away when
you turn on the computer.

Set the Korg's clock source to INTERNAL when you want to
use the mixer alone without the computer.

Regarding the "feedback to digital channel situation".  Not sure
from your description.  If it happens when you get the Fx swap
then it might be related to the NO CLOCK SOURCE described

Ver 1.1 is the last revision level for the 168RC.  That's it
unless someone hacks the machine code.

Re: Tips and Tricks page..   Well this site is just about the
only resource I've found.  At least one where someone can find
answers and interact with other users.

Thanks for stopping by.. come back soon!

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