re: master fader problem--fixed!
Rich Gorde
12:26 pm Sunday October 10, 1999

Great!  Glad that helped you out!
I know how obscure that manual can  be.  If I didn't crawl through
it while developing the panels I'd have missed lots of features!

Your comment on the 'anemic limiters' sparked something which may
have absolutely no bearing on how crappy the limiters may or may
not be!  I'll mention it because at first it wasn't obvious to me.

I'm wondering if you tried killing the limited channel(s) signal
SEND to the MASTER. This way the only signal from the channel(s)
you will hear will be 'through' the limiters rather than be
diluted by a parallel dry signal path to the Master L/R.

Effects such as reverbs and delay signal chains can run parallel
and be summed with the original source.  Many of the Korg's
effects (Rotary Speaker, Graphic EQ, Flangers, Gates and Limiters)
work best when they are the only source for the signal and are
in-line rather than side chained.

I will come clean and confess here that because I work in a DAW
environment I have the 'luxury' of using real time plugins that
solve a lot of the 'two effects engines' problem for me.

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