re: 168RC / QS8 Word Clock sync problem
Darin Rouse
1:45 pm Saturday February 27, 1999

Korg tech suppot blamed the QS-8 stating that they have synced a BRC using the word clock out on the Korg.

I decided to buy a frequency counter and check the clock signal out of the 168RC - it is actually a rock-solid 48.3kHz.

If you check your headphone output on the QS-8 while syncing to this signal you will find that the sound IS generated albeit rather distorted.  The QS-8 cannot properly sync because the Korg output is not correctly suppling 48kHz.

I intend to follow up with Korg on this further.  There is simply no excuse for this type FLAW in the 168RC Word Clock.  If anyone out there who has a frequency counter (the 2 higher-end Radio Shack Multi-meters do) can provide backup data on this it would be very helpful.