re: AUX send question
Maurice Alexander
5:57 pm Monday December 28, 1998

Rich, thanks for the help.

Your suggestion is the only way that I have been able to accomplish the goal of getting effects on the track, but when I do it that way, I have to mute all of the other tracks to get "vocal + effect" into Cakewalk. Without hearing the other tracks, it is hard to keep vocals on tempo.  If I don't mute the other tracks, I get all un-muted tracks into one track in Cakewalk.... which is no better than having a two-track tape recorder.

I'M LOST!!!!!!

Really,  my setup is pretty basic... I send each instrument to a track (168), and a microphone to a separate track (168).  Then I use Aux send to send each music instrument to a separate track (cakewalk), then record vocals on a track (cakewalk) while listening to the previously recorded tracks (cakewalk) through one track on the (168).

I am trying to record track by track, with the ability to hear the other tracks while recording (similar to an ADAT, but without optical).  If I have to re-wire the whole studio I will do it, but it irritates me that I cannot record a track using the internal effects from the 168.