re: Sonorus + adat + 168RC
greg bealla
9:59 am Friday November 27, 1998

 hello Steve,
i have been trying to decide what components to buy for a daw to integrate with a adat lx20 and a 168rc. i would like to fly tracks between adat and daw with sample accurate sync. my first chioce sound card would probably be creamware pulsar but i can not find any information that leads me to believe that pulsar can samp. acc. sync to for sonorus, they provide an applet called punchi/o which allows for sample acc. sync when used with audio apps. that support it. however, Marc Lindahl of sonorus recently told me that he believes cakewalk does not support punchi/o. seems that if an app does midi also it probably doesn't support punchi/o. he also told me that cake is working on a new spec called audiox which will supposedly make this possible.     any info on adat to daw sync appreciated