re: master fader doesn't work
Mitch Greenberg
10:20 pm Friday October 8, 1999

Thanks, Rich.  The chain is ADAT's lightpipe - 168RC DigIn A -
168RC DigOut A lightpipe - Midiman SAM converter - S/PDIF in
of Panasonic 3700.  This is my workaround for 44.1K from ADAT to DAT.

I'm not using any line out from the DAT.  I'm recording *to*
DAT, and monitoring with headphones from the DAT's headphone
jack, but getting no gain response from the 168RC's master
fader.  The individual channel faders do affect the signal, however.  Yet when I plug the
headphones into the 168RC's headphone jack, the master fader does affect the gain.

The master fader works when monitoring within the 168RC, but apparently the lightpipe out and
through the SAM to the DAT is
not affected by master fader adjustment