re: master fader doesn't work
Rich Gorde
11:49 am Saturday October 9, 1999

Hi Mitch!
OK I understand the setup now.

General info:
If you are using the Korg's lightpipe digital 'A' port OUT then
those 8 outputs are locked to the 8 internal GROUP busses of the
Korg.  Repeating for clarity.. these port 'A' lightpipe channels
can NOT be reassigned.. they are LOCKED to the GROUP busses 1
through 8.

The GROUP channels out from the 'A' lightpipe are the 'raw' data
that are coming from each of the eight GROUP busses  BEFORE
they are combined at the Korg's 'MASTER L/R' stage.  This is why
the signal going to your DAT is not being controlled by the Korg's
'MASTER' fader.  You are piping the 8 channels of data out before
they get to the Korg's Master fader stage.  They are then being
combined for the DAT at the SAM converter.

If you want to use the MASTER fader to control the final mix level
being sent to the DAT then you will have to use the digital
lightpipe 'B' out from the Korg.
Unlike the 'A' pipe, the 'B' lightpipe out is assignable
You can assign the 'Master Left/Right' to two of the 'B' lightpipe
outputs by hitting the Korg button:"Ex. Bus I/O" and going to
"Dig-Out-B". This info is on page 29 of the English manual.

I'm not familiar with how the SAM works but my guess is that you
would want to make sure that the only signal getting to the 'B'
lightpipe was the final mix outputs.  Therefore make sure that the
other 6 output channels on the 'B' pipe are pointing to a 'quiet'
source.  This way you won't end up getting your effects or some
errant group assignment pumped out to the SAM screwing up your

I hope this helps.

gorDesign solutions

Hint for ADAT PCI card users:
By the way this is how I make a 'master' pair from within Cakewalk
Pro Audio using my Korg and a Sonorus Studi/o card.

I use this same method to record two of the 'B' lightpipe channels
to two Cakewalk tracks (Left and Right) when I make my final mix.

I then use the 'export audio' command to write a stereo .wav file
that gets shipped off to Sound Forge for further processing.

If you try this within Pro Audio make sure you pan the two mono
tracks you recorded hard 'left and right before you export them.
Also make sure that under 'Audio Options' the 'MONO' checkbox
isn't checked before doing the export.  Uncheck it even if you use
your ADAT light pipe card as an 8 or 16 channel MONO device.
If you don't 'uncheck' MONO you will end up creating a stereo .wav
file with both channels 'combined' as MONO