re: Mini Tutorial
Rich Gorde
9:02 am Sunday June 13, 1999
A bleary good morning to you!

The only default Korg controller setting conflict I have
encountered was an interaction between the Korg channel 8 fader
and all volume controls of generic studioware panels.. I mention
this in my studioware panel suite documentation.
The 168's channel 8 is controller 7 on channel zero.  This is the
default setting (ch 0, ctrl 7) for all generic studioware panels
you invoke.  When you operate channel 8 of the Korg you get
movement in the studioware faders. This appears to be a visual
artifact and does not actually control the volume.  My panel docs
have workarounds for this.  You'll probably get interactions with
Korg ch# 11 with the studioware pans as well.

In general though you shouldn't have any problem using the default
controller settings of the Korg.

I'm glad you mentioned the console view in CWPA 8.04.  I try to
avoid any "Cake-centric" solutions here.  But I agree.. the remote
control possibilities of the console view are exciting.
I have avoided the console view in the past as it has been very
buggy and caused it's share of lockups for me.  I'll revisit that
section if you feel it is stable now.

Judd, who started this thread, has been primarily a Cubase VST
user.  I don't know if he has moved to any of the Cakewalk
products. As is the case brute force mixer remapping is the only
way I know to positively insure that you are able to record MIDI
'volume' controller changes into any _generic_ sequencer and thus
make exported platform portable files.

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