44.1 issue, again...
Thorsten Vieth
8:34 am Monday August
16, 1999
Hi folks,

I bought my 168RC a couple of months ago and am very happy
it. Pretty soon I'll get an RME Project Hammerfall 24 channel
ADAT I/O for my PC.

Here's my question: I think I can sync the Korg to 44.1 kHz
either by lightpipe or Wordclock (Hammerfall has both).
Shouldn't I then be able to play back 16 ADAT channels and at
the same time send a stereo mix to two of the Korg's ADAT
channels? I could then easily record them with the RME board at
44.1 kHz. Am I missing something here?

Thanks for your help in advance.