re: 168RC clock rate
Gabriel Sierra
9:35 pm Friday June 18, 1999

I use the board mostly at 44.1k using mu Sonorus STUDI/O card as
the master clock. I set the board to lock to input A. The only
limitation you will have is that you will not be able to use the
S/PDIF out because it is hard-coded to 48K, so the DAT will not
lock to it. It, however will output the digital stream and your
DAT will be capable of converting it to analogo using the DAT's
converters (cute!) so If you find the board's D/A a bit noisy,
that could be the ticket. Now that I have a CD burner, I rarelly
use the S/PDIF out. What I do is to assign the L-&-R output from the
board to the auxiliary bus, and then I record my mix as two new
tracks in my DAW (Cakewalk). I then export to .WAV and burn.

So, try it. It is worth!