re: Mini Tutorial
Rich Gorde
9:48 pm Monday June 14, 1999

Well.. I played around with the console a bit yesterday after
reading your message. I had never really applied effects etc. in
realtime.  Never trusted the console. I always export audio to
SoundForge and do my preening out there before flying the track
back into Cakewalk.

Yesterday I experimented and applied Waves C1 compressors via the
console to several simultaneous tracks and it was an enjoyable
experience.  I could make non-destructive adjustments in real
time, something I had to 'guess' at when in Soundforge.

The main DAW is a Celeron 450/oc and things seemed to be going
well until I got brave and loaded in my main 168RC panel.
Just as in previous versions things became unstable and I
eventually got an error trap and was abrupty forced to exit.
had also noticed that when I had done a 'parameter send' from the
Korg, not all of the studioware widgets updated.  This was as it
was all the way back to CWPA version 6.01.  Things still get wacky
with console enabled.

This really hasn't discouraged me on the console though.  I think
you can do all your setups and midi automation in console view
then just simply close it.  It appeared that all the automation
still worked as well as the effects patching.  I could be wrong..
I didn't throw it under a microscope.  Can you verify this?

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