re: Sonorus + adat + 168RC
greg bealla
11:56 pm Monday November 30, 1998

hi Rich, i hope to do both and this is where the problems start. ideally i'd like to use cake 8 so i have audio and midi in the same app.and so i can use the panel. however since cake doesn't support punchi/o i don't think samp. acc. sync is possible.  according to sekd,samplitude 4.5 + supports punchi/o and since its bundled with arc216 which is really the studi/o i'm likly to go with this. does any one know the most effective way to mix 20bit tracks from adat lx20 and 24/96 tracks from pc daw and still retain the sonic advantages of the 24/96 tracks?  maybe record tracks on both machines in sync, then transfer the adat tracks into samplitude 24/96(wastes a lttle disk space with added zeros) the dither down to 16 bit and rec. to dat or dither/ noise shape in samplitude and create an image file and go right to cdr.  any thoughts?

thanks greg