re: Sonorus + adat + 168RC
Steve Courtie
5:14 pm Tuesday December 1, 1998

Hi Rich,

Basically.. flexibility is what I'm after.a friend of mine has an adat based studio and I want to be able to add guitar based tracks to some of his projects. If I copy the adat tracks over -&- work on them in  Cakewalk, I want to be able to 'slot them back in' onto adat when I've finished.

Also .. it seems useful to have as many tracks as possible at your disposal, and for backing up other takes etc.etc  (I'm into experimentation in a      big way so my hard disk space will rapidly decrease).

Incidentally I'm looking at the MOTU 2408 now as it looks like a viable alternative to the Sonorus. Has anyone any 1st hand knowledge out there ?