re: Sonorus + adat + 168RC
Steve Courtie
5:48 pm Sunday December 13, 1998

Thti is the latest info I have from Motu's UK distributor:"The 2408 Core system features a 9 pin ADAT sync input on the PCI324 card. Any software that can reference the incoming ADAT sync will be able to utilise the sample accurate sync that this protocol provides.

Currently, the only software that can do this is Digital  Performer and AudioDesk which is supplied free of charge with the 2408.  Unfortunately for you, these applications are only available on the Macintosh platform, and I am not aware of any plans to release these for the PC."

I notice there's a new thread here ref the Wavecentre Frontier which is apparently working .. have a look. I'll let you know of any developments