AUX send question
Maurice Alexander
5:51 pm Monday December 28, 1998

I have a pII 400 w/ 80mb ram, 4.3 gig UDMA ide drive, 2.5 scsi external drive, SAF cd burner, Cakewalk PA 8, Turtle Beach Pinnacle sound card, Korg Trinity pro keyboard w/ all upgrades,  Korg 168 Rc Mixer, Gemini 626 pro dj mixer, Gemini p1000 turntable, BST cleaving cd deck, Dr2000 microphones.  so far....

I'm about to get a Midiman Co2 so I can use my optical ins and outs on my 168 with my pinnacle.

I have a problem...  I use my Aux sends to send to my PC for multi tracking.  I can hear my effects through my monitors, but when I play back what I recorded in Cakewalk... it plays the "un-Effected" or "Dry" track.  Apparently I need to find a way to send both the Dry and Effected track to my Cakewalk.  Maybe...  send effects to Aux send?  or is there another way?