Analog I/O on the 168RC
Duane K Estill
9:29 am Thursday January 21, 1999

Only had the 168RC for a few weeks. Looking to add analog I/O.  The Creamware A16, as you probably know, has lightpipe and 16 analog inputs. Here's the rub, if I'm going to put two ADAT's on their which take one in and one out each, how can I still use the A16, or any other lightpipe I/O units for that matter? Is  there a daisy chaining method to do this? Also, I've read somewhere about using the analog inputs on an ADAT in such a setup that would work the ADC's of the ADAT. Sorry if these seems amateurish but all I know is that I don't know, just like Socrates said. Thanks. This area looks cozy and the atmosphere seems friendly. I have been a long-time denizen of Sonic State,  where all the analog synthesizer debate goes on but I've quit  because there are too many kids on there. Thanks for having this, it's one of the few resources I can even find and the software looks great.