Gain problems
6:00 pm Wednesday March 24, 1999


I have a Korg 168RC mixing desk into which I am piping a  Supernova and a Proteus 2000. I am monitoring the output via an old NAD 20w amp to two wharfdale home speakers (60w).

The problem I have is that the quality of the sound coming out of the headphones on the mixer is appreciably worse than the quality when I am listening to either of the soundmodules through headphones plugged directly into the modules.

I understood that the Korg desk was a good one and I am using  good quality leads to link the modules to the mixer. Can you help me as to why the sound deterioration is so marked? I am  pretty sure it is a gain problem becasue the modules sound fine when I pipe them directly into the amp.  But other than twiddling the gain knob I dont know how else to manipulate gain.  I have heard of Unity gain, is there such a feature on the korg?

I have turned the gain up on the mixer chanels as high as I can without the input distorting and although this helped it did not remove the problem.