Help!! - Sync trouble
Tom Ellinghausen
0:50 am sunday january 9, 2000

Hats of to rich for maintaining this forum, It's the only one of
it's kind that I've found.

I recently bought my 168 and I've recorded into cakewalk with no
problem. I am having trouble syncing my cwpa 8.04, korg 1212io,
and 168rc via light pipe cables. I want to send the cakewalk
audio (48khz 16 bit) out to the 168rc for effects and mix
automation (hopfully using richs studioware!)and record back
into cwpa. I've tried every combination slave/master I can think
of. I keep getting drop outs on my audio (through the monitor on
the 168rc) or the audio plays slow, or the different outputs of
the 1212 aren't in sync (1/2 not in syc with 3/4 etc..). I am
only using lightpipe cables for now, should I get word clock
cables ?

Ive used the 1212 wave device to sync all channels, Ive tried
using the wave profiler in cakewalk, and I still cant figure it

My stereo sound forge files play great through the 168rc so I'm
pretty sure that it is my cakewalk set-up that is wrong.

Can anyone help me. If anyone uses the 168 with the 1212 and
cakewalk please let me know the settings that should be used for
this. I know this is a dumb question but I swear I've tried
every combination and I'm wondering If maybe I have some problem
with my 1212 card.