Korg SPDIF output level problem
Brad Rudd
10:33 am Monday May 10, 1999

Hey guys, I guess things have been a little slow on the board lately so I will see what I can do about it !

Here is my question: I am using the Coaxial SPDIF output to go into a the coaxial SPDIF input on a Marantz CDR630 using the Marantz's sample rate converter.  I am getting signal thru and producing successful burns; however, the meter levels on the Marantz are significantly lower than the master output levels on the Korg's stereo LED meters (-10 vs +12 on the peaks!).  The analog monitor outputs going to my Event 20/20p's are very hot and would seem to reflect what the korg meters are saying.

What gives ?

THX in advance