re: Korg SPDIF output level problem
Brad Rudd
10:12 am Monday May 17, 1999

Rich, THX for the reply.

I used the term "successful burns" to indicate that I have created finalized CDís with sufficient levels to play in consumer CD players.  I have placed professionally mastered CDís in the Marantz and the levels are defiantly higher than I can create. I  have never 'ripped' the data from the CDs I have made and looked at them in a waveform editor or just input from the SPDIF straight into a computer as I am not using a computer right now.  I donít  have a decent soundcard or waveform editor software at this point.  (Soon I will have a dedicated computer in the studio and  can start to get my feet wet in that world).  The SPDIF master out is definitely weaker than my monitor outs.  Again if I push the hell out of the KORG and pad the monitor out using the level control next to the headphone level control I can make things work, but I would prefer to have all things equal obviously.

If you have the chance I would be interested in the results of  any waveform analysis you performed.

THX for all the help.  Iíll stay in touch.

PS do your panels work with Cakewalk 5.0 pro ?