record meters (cakewalk 8.01)
11:23 pm Tuesday December 1, 1998

cakewalk 8.01 delluxe record meeters only work for about 1 second when I hit stop. i hear audio but it wont rec except for occasional snippets ...then cuts out   I am also waiting to hear back from cakewalk on  what optimun settings might be when using 1212 i/o card and win 95 w/ 200mmx pc -&- 96 ram?  other considarations are 168rc, motu timepiece av and 2 adats if you are having sucess with a setup like this one I could really use some encouragment. I 'm a a better musician, than I am a  tech. You guys were a great help last time I posted a note thanks 168rc fans

Kelly Kristjanson