re: Sample Rate Conversion 2nd Try
Rich Gorde
8:24 pm Friday June 11, 1999
Hi Wolfgang.. Hope things have been going well for you!

re: 20/18/16 truncating
If you go back a few threads, Rick Koch tests passing 24bit data through the Korg. It appears results would give "20 in is 20 out".

re: scary algorithms
If you fear artifacts then do a software re-sample to double the bit rate of your master pair.  Bring it up to 96khz.  That will place a linear interpolated sample point between existing samples.. Dither this to 44.1khz. If you think this would cause a problem then imho it is the same problem everybody doing 24/96 is facing.

re: Marantz CD burner
Brad I know you have been burning CDs through the SPDIF at 48khz and letting the Marantz massage them..  How does it sound?

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