re: Sample Rate Conversion
Brad Rudd
10:44 am Wednesday June 2, 1999

Hey Rich, I hope you had a great weekend!!!

"Bottom line all devices must be in lock step for it to work properly."

I got this correct. I have been using my ADAT XT20 at its digital 48 setting (it is syncing with the KORG using the Korg’s clock) So everything is in sync at 48 all the time.  When I mix down,
the Marantz takes the 48 signal coming out of the Korg as converts the
sample rate back down to CD standard.

What I am wondering is if I should set the ADAT to 44.1 INTERNAL and get the KORG to sync to it thru the lightpipe.  (This way I don't have to use the Marantz's sample rate converter at mixdown).