Sample Rates and Inserts
Chris Reed
8:42 am Monday September
6, 1999
I have had the 168 for two months now....

1) I read the sample rates archives, but people seem to have
different opinions. I use two ADAT LX20, my tapes are formatted

to 44.1 (at the time I didn;t know the 168 was 48k). When I used
spdif to mix down last weekend, the rate into the DAT was 48k
which I now understand why.

What is the general opinion for clock rates? Should my ADATs be

locked to desk clock and tapes always run at 48k?

People talk about changing to 44.1 and the desk outputting 44.1
but not from the spdif. If I use two ADATs, what can I use to
output the master signal from the desk as both my ADAT
connections are used and the spdif is 48k hard programmed.

2) I need insert points on final mixdown (for compressors etc),
does anyone have any tricks to keep signal at max possible
without using audio out from ADAT into effect then into channel
on 168? Remembering that I use the ADAT optical connections.

3) How can I set up the internal compressor to work on a channel
if I can't insert it? Do I set the master off and route the
effect to a group? Any tips appreciated.

Best Regards
Chris Reed