Rich Gorde
   9:21 pm Sunday November 22, 1998 


    On the "Availability" page of my web site, I tell you one of the
    reasons I have decided to release my package by direct email was
    to "know who you are". I say the initial reason for that is
    "version control" of my studioware suite.  After mass emailimg
    the update package the other day I felt really good knowing that
    everybody (at least to my knowledge) was up to snuff!  I slept
    As the second reason for collecting addresses the web
    page mentions the possibility of a message board or mailing list.
    I opted for the message board and here we are.

    I emailed notice of this board to you 168RC users who requested
    my studioware suite.  This was to save you from having to stumble
    onto this page in the future and also to jump start this thing a
    bit here in the present.

    Although I supply studioware panels, this forum is not centered
    around the 168RC and Cakewalk's product line.  This message board
    should be considered an open forum on the Korg 168RC mixer and
    it's integration into YOUR studio environment. Regardless of your
    setup ALL users are welcome and encouraged to share their
    knowledge, ask a question, get an answer or.. to just hang out.

    I'll try to offer here what support I can for my studioware
    panels, but I am NOT an expert on the 168RC or Cakewalk by any
    means.  That's another reason for this forum... I'd like to learn
    something too.

    Rich Gorde
    gorDesign solutions
    New Jersey, USA