168RC and ADAT Configuration---HELP!
Duane K Estill
1:06 pm Monday October 18, 1999

Apologies in advance if this is a hopelessly ill-informed
question. Had the wonderful 168RC for a few months and now I
have an ADAT LX-20 to go with it. I use the analog input on the
ADAT (will use optical as soon as I get another cable) and the
digital return to the board. This is crude but I just switch the
analog input to the next pair of channels. When I record on
successive channels.....I get the composite output of all other
channels shot onto to the new channel. So I hear my entire mix
as well as my added material....on ONE channel. Also, when I
play back one channel(s) and record on another I get digital

I just started this and am a musician trying to producem, so any
help would be most appreciate. I really like the 168RC. It will
be the centerpiece for a portable 16 track setup.