Channels13-16 distortion and final musin
Darin Rouse
2:42 am Friday June 25,
Seems the list has been quiet for awhile so I thought I'd add
some thougts...and frustrations

Has anyone else noticed that when using an analog input routed
to channels 13-16 (the hidden channels)the sound is slightly

A while back I had been running the analog output of my synth
into 2 of the line inputs and then routing those to channels 13
and 14 on the 168RC.  I noticed that the output had some very
low level distortion regardless of the gain setting.  I then
routed the exact same inputs to a pair of the fader controlled
channels and the distortion disappeared.

Since then I have switched to using the lightpipe output from my
synth (Alesis QS-8) and discovered (as discussed in an previous
message) that the Word Clock out of the Korg does not work with
the QS-8.

Korg blamed the problem on the QS-8. I then spoke to Alesis who
kindly sent me a brand new QS-8 -which did not correct the
problem. Korg support has been ZERO help with this issue.  Is it
too much to expect the 168RC to be compatable with gear made by
the company that invented ADAT?

In theory this board was a good idea. I wish it really did all
the stuff it is supposed to. I bought it becuase it had exactly
what I needed. Unfortunately too much of the stuff I "needed"
doesn't work.

It is a great board, I'm just really disappointed that Korg
chose to abandon it and us. I feel burned and really wish I had
spent my nearly 2K (I didnt buy mine on closeout) on a Yamaha.
This was definately my first and last Korg product.

If it were not for Rich and his studio panel I would have
abandoned this platform.  Thanks again Rich both for the 'ware
and for giving me a forum to vent.

Cheers mates