FX crosslinking --&--strange feedback
Tomi Hyyppä
6:54 pm saturday
february 26, 2000
Sometimes my FX sends are crosslinked(?). When I send e.g. from
track 1 to eff 1 the singal goes to eff 2 instead of eff 1.
Sometimes it is fixed when the computer(to which 168rc is
connected to) is turned on. Strange. This crosslinking occurs
quite often but randomly.
and the other thing is that I get strange feedback to digital
channels. When recieving singnal from analog source it may leak
(or something) to some digital channel. There's no infinite loops
between my computer and the busses. and there appears to be no
logic to which channel leak appears and it is generally quite
faint, not a feedback noise.
Is there a upgrade for 168RC, my starup screen says v.1.1
Somebody tell me if there is somesort of "Tips and Tricks" page
for 168RC