Digital Audio Interface Search
4:41 pm Monday November 30, 1998 

First of all... Great Site!!! It's nice to know I'm not the only one who is happy to own a 168RC.  Although I haven't received the panels yet, I'm sure they'll only increase it's usefulness. Now - Having said that, does anyone have any suggestions on what card to upgrade to for someone with my setup? The main ingredients are:  168RC, ADATXT and a Pentium II running Cakewalk  Ver. 8/Soundforge and Win 98. I currently use a AWE64 for audio.  I've looked at the Sonorus, Pulsar, Motu 2408 and Korg 1212, but the more I see, the more confused I get.  I want all the usual features; sample accurate sync, compatability with DirectX plugins, etc.  Most of these seem to come close and have their relative strengths and weaknesses. I would like to keep the price at or below $1200.

Any input from "real" users would really help!

Thanks again, and I look forward to checking the board as part of my daily "surf."