unwanted kazoo effect
Mitch Greenberg
1:36 pm sunday february
20, 2000
Thought I'd share a 3-hour ordeal that might have happened to others.
Had to do a hard reset (powering on holding down leftmost lcd button
w/+ -&- - buttons) due to a sysex transfer that froze the 168RC, disabling
all functions.  Okay, freed everything up and reloaded my old settings.
Played an old, good recording through it.  What!!!  Everything had a high
treble buzz, the kind of sound most people can't hear but the rest of us can.

Thought my ribbon mic needed new ribboning.  Thought my A/D
converter had failed again (it overheated once).  Thought my lightpipe
was bent.  Then thought, well, maybe my own hearing is going, and fast.
Then opened the 168RC manual, reread about setting everything to
default.  Sure enough, the hard reset mentioned above had changed one
setting which reloading my settings via sysex did not restore....

The cause of the buzzing, kazoo effect was the ClkSource !!!
I had set it to DigInA but the hard reset changed it to Internal, which made
my ADAT play through it but with a buzz soft enough to ignore but
annoying enough to throw everything out the window and buy something
less complicated (fat chance, these days).

So, beware.  If you ever need to initialize your 168RC through some
powering-on-while-holding-down-certain-buttons which wipes out all
saved programs, you will not be able to restore ALL your settings simply
by loading an old program back to it via sysex.  Certain parameters are
apparently not saved or restored in an "All Data" sysex transfer.  And you
will hear a buzz until it's just flies buzzing around your head, unless you
reset your ClkSource.