recording problems/cubase/mac
Mike Freeman
3:30 am Saturday December 12, 1998

I just got a 168rc, korg 1212i/o card and cubase 3.5 for the mac but I can't seem to record on more than 2 channels at once. I can receive 8 channels from the 1212 but cubase will only le  me select and record 2 channels even though I have all 8 activated and have audio sent out of the 8 digital outs.  Is something wrong with cubase, am I doing something wrong, do I not understand how to use the mixer?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I just want to record on all 8 adat channels simultaneously.

PS.  I have not figured out how to hook up the midi part of the mixer yet.  Is this the problem?  Maybe some midi control type stuff needs to happen?  I think I'm dumb.