restoring factory settings
7:55 pm Monday January 4, 1999

Guys and Gals,

I managed to reinitialize the locked up machine. (holding the leftmost "small button under LCD and + and -, all while powering up the board.  By the way, we could all use a troubleshooting section(FAQ) since Korg doesn't give a whole lotta crap about it.

Now... I have been unnable to dump SYSEX factory settings.  I managed to work the automation so there's something working as far as MIDI goes here.I can't get to load the crap.  I'm using Stand Alone 3, receiving eq, prog, fx , etc.  Tried several channels, etc...

I'm using a supposedly factory .SYS that I d'loaded from Sweetwater Music Store. Any hints ?

Can someone send me a copy of the factory settings, or other cool custom bulks??