This panel is distributed as an EMAIL BINARY ATTACHEMENT.   It WILL NOT be posted here on the web site.
if you are incapable of receiving encoded binaries you will have to upgrade your mail reader.  File size will be around 350k (as a self extracting Zip file).  I'm sorry if this feels like an  inconvenience,  but for now it will  be the only method.

The reasons are simple and I think  to your benefit..
I would like to have control over the version that you have.  If we all start to use it and discover some serious flaw that can be solved,  everyone will get the fix.. immediately.

It would also be nice to know who you are.  We are somewhat on our own out here and you may have some experience to share.
With that in mind I invite you to visit the Message Board.  Just hit the link in the menu to your left.

Also be assured I will not sell or distribute your address.  You won't be spammed on my account.  I promise.

You may use this panel and pay me nothing... You might also use this panel and be grateful that I made the effort to share this with you.  You might decide to throw a little something my way.  It's your call...

Please be aware that you must own a Cakewalk product that supports their studioware programming system.  This is not a standalone product!

If you are interested in receiving this panel,  please send me a note at . It will be bundled along with the bonus panels and emailed to you.

Rich Gorde