If you were to use the snapshot feature on the Korg 168RC studioware panel,  all of the studioware active controls,  over 400 parameters,  would be written to the studioware automation track!
This would be totally unacceptable if only a few parameter changes were being made to a few channels or the effects engines.
Introducing the gorDesign solutions 'Channel Buddy' and 'Fx Fiend'
Each of these mini panels mimic it's counterpart in the main Korg 168RC panel.
The Channel Buddy is a stand alone channel fader block that can be assigned to any of the  Korg's 12 main channels.  Each snapshot writes a total of 21 parameters per channel.  You can have multiple Channel Buddies up at the same time with each pointed to a different channel.

The Fx Fiend is used for effects engine parameter changes.. the number of controller parameters written per snapshot is only 16 !

Both of these mini panels will operate with or without the main Korg 168RC panel up and running.  They are completely stand alone.