I'd like to think that the Korg 168RC was one of the better bargains of the early digital mixing era.  Geared up out of the box for ADAT recorders or ADAT emulation cards like those produced by Sonorus.  This little mixer couldn't make it at the original asking  price.  Deeply discounted.. and discontinued by Korg in late 1997,  the 168RC seems to have been written off..  I imagine part of the problem most potential customers found was that it appears difficult to use.
I personally had the feeling of "flying blind" when using it.  Most important parameters are buried in menus.  I was forced to hunch over and squint into the  LCD display.  This view through a "porthole" forced me to keep track of (in my head!) just about everything except  fader positions (and these may not be accurate unless 'hooked').

Those of us aquainted with the Cakewalk product line are familiar with Studioware and the panels supplied.  If you own a Cakewalk product that supports studioware then I am sure you have played with one or two even if you didn't actually own a piece of gear that was supported.  You may have bemoaned the fact that the 168RC was NOT one of the chosen few to be supported directly by Cakewalk.  You may have had the thought of "rolling your own" panel.  I did...

Rich Gorde
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