Display control and customization

Sometimes getting "The Big Picture" can be a little overwhelming!
What means to clarify.. can in fact obscure.

Version V2.001 gives you the ability to selectively view only those channel elements you feel are necessary at any given time.

The ability to 'de-clutter' the display increases awareness helping you focus on elements of the mix in progress..

The 12 fader main view with all blocks displayed.

At the main mix screen the display of each individual channel fader block, it's EQ along with it's Aux and Fx sub-panel can be toggled on or off. You can even hide all muted, inactive channels with one click.
'Hiding' does not affect a channel's operation in a mix.

hotView will force the display of any enabled EQ or active Aux or Fx send as long as it's channel fader block is displayed.
This feature prevents the operator from 'hiding' an active EQ, Aux or Fx send. hotView also dynamically updates during mix automation.

The same configuration 'de-cluttered'.

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