Update Panel Display button

This is perhaps the most important aspect of using this studioware panel without getting totally frustrated. It will explain the control found in the tool bar section of every Cakewalk studioware panel and the issues I have with Cakewalk. Go through this section carefully; how it works, the circumstances which are problematic and the suggested work around.

The panel UPDATE button is the studioware panel display update enable switch. When depressed and made active the studioware panel will respond and update it's display according to incoming MIDI data and/or previously recorded studioware automation.
When the UPDATE button is OFF the studioware panel display will not change when it receives automation data. However you may still navigate and operate any control on the studioware panel and data will still flow to the Korg and be recorded.

During playback the Korg will receive it's automation track data regardless of whether it was recorded via MIDI or mouse move session. The state of panel UPDATE button and whether the studioware panel display is updating or not has absolutely no effect. The panel UPDATE button is not an automation ON/OFF switch. Muting the track accomplishes that.

The Issues: system Freezing:
When the panel display update is active Cakewalk makes sure, no matter what happens, the studioware display reflects the true values of all the panel controllers. Unfortunately Cakewalk chooses to do this at some odd times. This can lead to some problems. For example simply swapping a window with <CTL>+<TAB> on the keyboard causes Cakewalk to re-evaluate the status of the panel. It does this by processing all the 2000+ widgets that comprise the v2.001 panel. This causes the FREEZE effect you experience when swapping windows. This also happens big time after doing a moused panel automation mix. Cakewalk seems to go to sleep. Eventually the hourglass cursor disappears and the program will begin responding again. I have seen recovery take 3 minutes on my dedicated PIII 350 mhz Korg controller after mousing a mix.

None of us who create hefty studioware panels have any control over this situation. It is just the way Cakewalk (as of this writing) works. I don't believe the Cakewalk developers ever expected anyone to develop large comprehensive panel systems. The reality is people have and this is a situation that deserves their attention. Perhaps Sonar will address this.

The work around:
The work around is simple. The hard part is remembering to do it.
If you are swapping out windows to leave the panel and go work in track view or other window.. deactivate the display UPDATE button before you swap. The FREEZE effect goes away.
If you are about to do a moused panel automation mix deactivate the display UPDATE button before you start the mix. Don't worry even though the panel won't be updating to the previously recorded moves; all those moves will be played and the mix will sound correct. It bears repeating.. the previously recorded moves won't be displayed but they will still be 'heard'; you will also be able to operate the panel controls and they will be recorded. When you stop playback you will see that the FREEZE effect turns into a short pause. Re-enable the UPDATE button when you are finished recording moused mix moves and your panel will animate on playback.

You don't have to follow the work around but you will experience the FREEZE effect if you don't. If you do freeze... just wait a few minutes it should come back.

If you work exclusively from the Korg's physical work surface during an automation mix recording.. you will not have to disable panel display updating. There is no FREEZE effect when mixing in this mode.