Panel snapshot

The studioware panel snapshot button is found in every studioware panel toolbar. It is used to capture the value of each control that is contained in the studioware panel. It then writes these controller events to the selected automation track.
The problem is that each event is written at time ZERO. This means if you snapshot any large studioware panel you can have literally hundreds of controller events written to a track that all begin at the same time.
On playback the load of adjusting the panel's visual display seems to be a problem even for the Studioware™ interpreter that wrote these events in the first place. These errors in the data interpretation are then transmitted back to the Korg.

You can see this for yourself:
1) Load a scene memory on the 168RC and 'synchronize' the v2.001 panel.
2) Take a panel snapshot. Use the view Event list to see the capture events and their event times.
3) Select another Korg scene memory that totally changes the current Korg state. Again synchronize.
4) Press play to feed the snapshot to the Korg and the panel. View results and compare to the original scene.

Bottom line here is.. don't use the panel snapshot with v2.001 at this time. I may play with a Cal routine to bump each snapshot event time incrementally. This would create a serial string of data. That may work. If any of you are versed in Cal you might want to try it and share your findings.