Design concept and scope

"What it is it?"
V2.001 is the most recent version of my main studioware panel system. Both V2.001 and my Classic panel system integrate the KORG 168RC digital mixer and members of the Cakewalk™ product family.
As was the Classic package, this latest version is not a stand alone product. It is a Cakewalk Studioware™ program and as such it must run within a Cakewalk product that supports Cakewalk Studioware™.

"Isn't this just a graphic facelift of your orginal studioware panel system.?"
V2.001 has been redesigned from the ground up. Navigation is enhanced with a much more intuitive tactile feel. The widget engine code and their visuals have been greatly enhanced, blending "eye candy" and utility.
Selective display logic has been added to enable the user to customize the display of channel information. In a project you view only elements of the mixer that you are comfortable with or concentrating on.

"I still have Cakewalk.. somewhere around here, but I don't use it much anymore.."
Although a Cakewalk product must host V2.001 it is not necessary to feel that you are locked into using Cakewalk as your main audio program. I personally use a dual system where V2.001 resides on one computer running within Cakewalk Pro Audio™. The other main computer runs a variety of virtual studio programs. The two machines are linked via MIDI with the main non-Cakewalk machine generating SMPTE. In this configuration the V2.001 host computer handles all of the mix automation and visualization.

In the situation outlined above you can use just about any version of Cakewalk (release 6 and up) to host V2.001. Actually any version of their product that supports MIDI and Cakewalk Studioware™ will probably work.
Therefore if you have abandoned Cakewalk for the likes of Nuendo, Cubase, Vegas or any capable package that can generate SMPTE, YOU can still use this panel.

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