re: 168rc eq question
Rich Gorde
7:23 pm Tuesday November 24, 1998

The flowchart I think you are refering to is "Signal flow and mode" (page 3 in my manual). The diagram is a little cryptic but if you look at the upper left section of the 'big' diagram block you will see "Ch1".

 "Ch1" signal goes through a "Phase" block then to a block labeled "PEQ" (Parametric EQ).  That is what you were looking for.  That little PEQ box is the only description of channel EQ in that diagram.

If you look below "Ch1" you'll see the ditto marks down to "Ch12". There are individual parametric EQ sections for Channels 1 thru 12.

Below that you will see "Ch13 - Ch16". If you look to the right.. you will see the words "Same as above (Except EQ)"
Channels 13 thru 16 have NO EQ section at all.
To see and adjust the EQ for any of the 12 channels. Press the "EQ" key on the 168RC.  This puts you in EQ mode. Then press the "SEL" key of any of the 12 main channels (in your case the first 8  for the ADAT).  That's it..
Find the section "EQ mode" in the manual (my page 36.  It should be fairly smooth sailing from here.