re: master fader problem--fixed!
Rich Gorde
11:35 am Sunday November 28, 1999
Thanks for participating.. the panels are probably there already.

Hopefully without repeating too much....

Generally one uses a limiter to round/squash all those nasty peaks
and/or if the gain is up, fatten things a bit.
When Mitch had mentioned that he thought the limiters were
'anemic' it dawned on me that perhaps the signal return from the
limiter was also being mixed with the original signal.  If this
was the case then what you would hear would be a slight
'thickening' yet those nasty peaks would still be there!

So the answer to your question is "Yes". Kill the channel's 'dry'
signal to the Master.  Let the only signal heard from that channel
be the one through the limiter.

Whether you should pre/post the send at the fader block depends on
what you are doing and what the desired result is.  If you are
trying to bring a 'mix' together then you would run in POST mode.
This way individual channels will have their EQ settings and
relative volumes active.  I would set the effects send volume to
max (100%).

If you run in PRE mode then you will actually be limiting the
'raw' wave track.  The mixer channel block will have no control as
you will have eliminated the fader block entirelly (with the
exception of the effects send volume).

Rich Gorde
gorDesign solutions